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How much should I charge?

Bueno Price is the only business tool you need to make sure you're charging the right price for your products and services. Get accurate pricing data and insights tailored to your business so you can make the best decisions for your bottom line.

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Suggestions of who can benefit from Bueno Price.


Quickly and easily, figure out the most proffitable and compettative quotes for your projects. Charge confidently knowing you've accounted for every cost on the docket ...

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Our innovative tool takes into account all your expenses and desired salary, crunches the numbers, and delivers a customized pricing strategy just for you. Say goodbye to ...

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In the world of freelance work, pricing can often be a daunting task. Determining the right price for your services requires the consideration of various factors .This is where ...

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Small Businesses

Empower your small town businesses in calculating costs and setting profitable prices. Whether you are an established business or just starting out, this innovative app is here ...

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Software Developers

Software developers face the challenge of accurately pricing their services. This is where Bueno Price, a comprehensive pricing calculator, proves to be an invaluable tool ...

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Gone are the days of spending hours crunching numbers and trying to figure out the perfect price point. Bueno Price does all the hard work for you, ensuring that your pricing is accurate ...

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Check Out Our Features

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Effortlessly track all your customers, set priority tags, and have all their essential information at your fingertips.
Simplify your workforce management, know the hours worked per day, calculate billable hours, and gross yearly pay.
Insert your expenses and choose from our 5 frequency options to see how much the yearly cost is so you know if its in the budget.
Stay on top of your projects, categorize them, set tasks, and monitor their progress with ease. No more missed deadlines or budget overruns.
Manage and organize your estimates, assign them to specific projects, and stay on top of their status. No more guesswork or confusion.
Bueno Price's custom tools are designed to simplify your calculations.

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Pay per month to access all application features. Cancel anytime.

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Get full access to the application and it's features for life.

$800 /once