Bueno Price

Helping Keep The Small Businesses Profitable

Empower your small town businesses in calculating costs and setting profitable prices. Whether you are an established business or just starting out, this innovative app is here to make pricing easier and more efficient than ever before.


Don't Pass On These


Profitable Pricing

In today's competitive business landscape, pricing plays a crucial role in the success of small town businesses. Determining the right price for products or services can be a complex task, especially when considering various factors such as costs, profit margins, and market demand. This is where bueno price comes in to simplify the pricing process and help businesses make more profitable decisions.


No Headaches

Relevant factors such as production costs, overhead expenses, desired profit margins, and market trends. It takes into account both internal and external variables to generate pricing recommendations that are tailored specifically for your business.



Versatility is the second greatest quality. It can be used by any service that sells a product or service, old or new, making it accessible to businesses across various industries. Whether you run a bakery or a boutique shop, bueno price has got you covered.